PRINTING NOT ONLY ADVERTISING FOR ADVERTISING COMPANIES AND AGENCIES is a company specializing in advertising printing. Our offer focuses on the main marking techniques and has been designed with advertising agencies and promotion departments of large and smaller companies in mind. Our services are also used by media houses involved in large advertising campaigns, which include, for example, corporate gifts. Our machine park and processing capacity are also at the disposal of agencies that struggle with too short lead times - then we support their effectiveness by taking over part of the order as a subcontractor of prints. in short is:

  • a decade of experience
  • thousands of satisfied customers
  • quick relationship

Laser engraver

Laser engraving in our resources is probably the basic working tool. You will take care of both CO2 laser, diode and YAG laser. They are all ready to burn your company's designs onto almost any product. Our laser operators are a kind of virtuoso device settings. It is impossible for the engraving to be unsuccessful and we are limited only by the size of the object and its surface. Since we were able to engrave the logo on the steak and apple - we are sure that nothing will surprise us.

Laser engraving is best chosen when you need mono-colored decorations on:

  • metal cups
  • pens
  • advertising key rings
  • powerbankach

screen printing

We deal with screen printing from the very beginning. The high efficiency of the machine park allows you to freely print t-shirts or advertising bags in print runs counted in thousands of copies without the slightest fear of delays in the planned completion date. In addition, we can offer screen printing around - the technique of marking with the use of screens on round objects - such as cups or thermos flasks.

Marking by screen printing looks best as:

  • T-shirts
  • shopping bags
  • umbrellas
  • jackets and softshells

UV printing

UV printing is probably the youngest method, and it certainly gives the greatest freedom in designing the print, although its disadvantage is the requirement of a perfectly flat surface. Thanks to printing with ultraviolet light curable inks, your prints will be durable in the full CMYK palette - this is not offered by conventional marking techniques.

UV printing looks dazzling on such items:

  • notesty
  • flash drive in the shape of a credit deed
  • calendars
  • plexiglass plates and sheets
  • powerbanki

Pad printing

Pad printing - the simplest and most common form of marking. It is nothing more than applying a special stamp with a pattern on it. This pattern is carved on a special plate, covered with paint and finally transferred to the product. A bit like a potato stamp, but a bit more technologically advanced. The method works perfectly in marking many types of products and its limitation is the number of colors - usually it means no more than 4.

Pad printing can be freely printed on such elements

  • parts of machines and devices,
  • plastic details,
  • pens,
  • mugs,
  • key rings,

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer and digital thermal transfer are quite similar techniques. In both, the print is transferred to the substrate, similarly to the pressed press - from a special intermediate medium. They differ in the way of preparing the print itself - the first is made using screen printing, the second is printed on a device similar to a printer. This automatically means that if we care about a large number of colors and a complex print (photos, graphics), it is worth choosing a digital transfer, for simpler patterns a classic transfer is ideal.

Thermal transfer will be perfect for:

  • shopping bags,
  • sports and travel bags
  • backpacks and laptop bags
  • T-shirts
  • caps